Press Office News | 17 December 2020 - 19:15   
    The Presidential Order is being implemented 6143 families receive the assistance at the first stage

     On December 17, the Cabinet of Ministers has published its resolution regarding the implementation of the Decree dated 14 December 2020 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan ‘On Additional Measures to Compensate Damages Made to the Properties of Civil Population as a Result of Aggression of armed forces of the Republic of Armenia against the Territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan Starting from 27 September 2020.

    According to the resolution, the funds in the amount of 9,068,128 manat (nine million sixty eight thousand one hundred twenty eight, and including bank fees) estimated initially on the basis of the lists presented by working groups are considered to be appropriated from the funds of the Reserve Fund envisaged from the State Budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the year of 2020.

    These funds shall be distributed as follows on the basis of the lists presented by working groups with relevant estimates:

     - Ganja City Executive Authority: 2 920 500 (two million nine hundred twenty thousand five hundred) manats;

    - Mingechevir City Executive Authority: 67 000 (sixty seven thousand) manats;

    - Agdam District Executive Authority: 1 848 500 (one million eight hundred forty eight thousand five hundred) manats;

    - Agjabedi District Executive Authority: 586 000 (five hundred eighty six thousand) manats;

    - Barda District Executive Authority: 233 000 (two hundred thirty three thousand) manats;

    - Beylegan District Executive Authority: 124 000 (one hundred twenty four thousand) manats;

    - Jabrayil District Executive Authority: 41 000 (forty one thousand) manats;

    - Naftalan District Executive Authority: 4 000 (four thousand) manats;

    - Terter District Executive Authority: 2 296 500 (two million two hundred ninety six thousand five hundred) manats;

    - Fizuli District Executive Authority: 494 500 (four hundred ninety four thousand five hundred) manats;

    - Goranboy District Executive Authority: 421 500 (four hundred twenty one thousand five hundred) manats.

    Said funds shall be transferred to relevant treasury accounts of executive authorities.

    The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant local executive authorities shall ensure the transfer within 10 (ten) days period to the bank accounts (including card accounts) of owners of residential houses or their legal representatives, and will report the results of this operation to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

     The first stage assistance does not envisage the compensation for vehicles.

    The working groups have defined that 8221 immovable properties were damaged due to the conflict flare up. Out of that number, there are 300 individual houses, 75 auxiliary buildings and 10 apartment blocks that are fully destroyed.

    222 vehicles are damaged, while 21 of them are fully out of order.

    989 cattle pieces are killed.

    As a result of the implementation of the relevant President Decree of 14 December 2020, it is envisaged to provide 3 151 500 manats (6000 manats to each family and 1500 manats to each family member) whose houses are either destroyed or became unusable, and also 5 million 885 thousand manats (1000 manats per each family) to 5 885 families that got their houses damaged.

    Owners of properties that are not possible to restore and repair will get new houses built on the basis of modern projects.

    Properties that can be restored and repaired will be funded by the State funds.



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