Press service newsletters | 24 September 2021 - 18:02   
    Special Quarantine Regime has been mitigated

    Explanation of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 280


    Taking into account the increase in the number of vaccinated citizens in the country, and the steady decline in the dynamics of infections, it is decided to apply the next phase of mitigation measures within the special quarantine regime.

    According to the decision of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, from October 1, 2021, the restriction on the suspension of public transport on weekends, as well as the Baku Metro, will be lifted.

    Furthermore, it is decided to resume the activities of the following areas of work and services from October 1, 2021:

    - activities of recreation and entertainment venues (including clubs), as well as children's entertainment venues (including those in boulevards and parks);

    - activities of cultural facilities (including concert halls), as well as conference halls, cinemas, theaters, provided that they do not exceed 50% of their total capacity;

    - Activities of children's and other entertainment centers inside large shopping centers, as well as cinemas with a total capacity of not more than 50 percent.

    The restored work and service areas are allowed to remain open until 00:00. For people over 18 years of age, services provided in the closed areas of such work and service facilities can be accessed only if they have a COVID-19 passport. Individuals who are unable to get vaccinated for certain reasons may enter these areas where COVID-19 passport is required by obtaining COVID-19 Vaccine Contraindication Certificate.

    Eighty percent of the workforce in these areas must have a COVID-19 passport (COVID-19 vaccination certificate or COVID-19 immunity certificate).

    In addition, taking into account the fact that long-term indoor gatherings create favorable conditions for the spread of coronavirus infection, a decision has been made with regards to carry out regular intercity passenger transport between cities and regions in order to reduce the risk of human transmission of COVID-19.

    According to the decision, except for regular passenger traffic between Baku and Sumgayit, Absheron region, except for persons under 18 years of age, when carrying out regular passenger transport by rail and road (except for passengers transported by taxi) from cities and regions of the country, passengers are required to get the first dose of vaccination against COVID-19 from October 1, 2021, and the second dose from November 1, 2021 respectively, or to have a certificate of immunity against COVID-19.

    Verification of COVID-19 passports will be carried out through a special mobile application ("Check App"). The application was created by State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and has been used since September 1st in all places where COVID-19 passport is required.

    Appropriate control measures will be continued to ensure compliance with general rules such as the use of personal respiratory protection, social distancing and hand hygiene, as well as other applicable requirements. In case of violation of these laws, individuals and legal entities will be held accountable by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    The owner of the premise is considered directly responsible for the violations in the organization and implementation the process of verification of COVID-19 passports in the premises operating in the areas of work and services where COVID-19 passport is required.



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