Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers | 03 August 2020 - 16:00   
    Changes are made to the quarantine regime

    The results of tough lockdown measures applied since 21 June 2020 to prevent wider prevalence of the new type coronavirus (COVID 19) infection have made possible to observe the stabilization of sanitary – epidemiological situation. The preventive measures and the civil observance of current rules have led to a drop in numbers of those infected by the virus. According to the actual sanitary and epidemiological situation, the decision is passed to apply some softening in cities and districts with tough quarantine regime, including the entire country.

    Starting from 06:00, 05 August 2020, the SMS based permit system, including service pass presentation and portal options to leave a place of residence or current whereabouts are repealed in cities and districts of tough special quarantine zone.

    The entry into the beaches is also authorized in the country on the basis of rules set by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Emergencies and the Baku City Executive Power Authority in line with quarantine regime requirements.

    Tough special quarantine regime will apply in following cities and districts until 00:00, 31 August 2020 with a view to the infection dynamics of COVID 19 infection:

    The cities of Baku, Jalilabad, Ganja, Masally, Mingechevir, Sumgayit, Yevlakh and the districts of Absheron, Barda, Goranboy, Goygol, Khachmaz and Salyan.

    Following limitations remain in force in 13 cities and districts with applied tough special quarantine regime:

    All public transport traffic on weekends in following timetable:

    • From 00:00, 8 August to 06:00, 10 August;
    • From 00:00, 15 August to 06:00, 17 August;
    • From 00:00, 22 August to 06:00, 24 August;
    • From 00:00, 29 August to 06:00, 31 August;
    • Large trade centers and malls except food stores and drug stores inside those premises;
    • On-site services to customers in service areas;
    • Museums and exhibition halls;
    • Educational and training activities in all educational facilities (except exams, contests, interviews and reception of letters from citizens wishing to obtain various certificates and documents);
    • All mass events, including outdoor sport competitions and games, including cultural and sport events.

    At the same time, the rules remain in force in relation to the authorized activities and service areas on the basis of the decision adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 19 June 2020. Likewise, the banned activities and service areas remain the same.

    Following limitations adopted in the framework of special quarantine regime in the country remain in force until 00:00, 31 August 2020:

    • Suspension of entry and exit into the national territory by land and air transport (except special and charter flights);
    • Suspension of entry and exit into cities and districts with tough special quarantine regime except special vehicles, including medical emergency, technical emergency repair, rescue and cargo transportation units; halting of all passenger transportation services by land and air into other cities and districts of the country (except the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic);
    • On-site reception of citizens in groups and individually in public agencies, except ASAN Service and DOST Service Centers;
    • Birthday, marriage, engagement and other such ceremonies are banned in customers’ houses or other premises, including also the services of organizing such events;
    • Closing down children’s and other entertaining centers, cinema houses and on-site services located in large trade centers and malls;
    • Suspension of activities run by entertaining spaces, including children’s entertaining areas (including those located on the boulevard and in the territory of squares);
    • Suspension of sport, health and recreation services (except medical services in this area);
    • Halting of activities run in cultural premises, including movie houses, theaters and sport halls;
    • Prohibition of religious procession services, organizing and holding funerals in halls, tents and other indoor areas, except a burial ceremony itself;
    • Prohibition of marriage ceremonies;
    • Halting of educational and training activities in all educational facilities (except exams, contests, interviews and reception of letters from citizens wishing to obtain various certificates and documents);
    • Prohibition to group in numbers exceeding 5 persons in public places, including streets, boulevards, squares and other places;
    • Suspension of all mass events, including cultural and sport events;
    • Prohibition of use of hookah equipment in service areas;
    • Prohibition of visits by relatives of infected persons to see them while they are being treated in healthcare facilities;
    • Prohibition of massage and bath services.

    We encourage you to observe the rules of current preventive measures and medical-prophylactics requirements, avoid being in groups exceeding 5 persons in public places, keep social distance and wear protective masks to maximally protect yourself and your relatives from virus infection and reduce the number of infected people.



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