Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers | 07 September 2020 - 10:50   
    Task Force makes decision to implement additional mitigation measures in some areas from 00:00 on 8 September

    As a result of preventive measures being taken in connection with the introduction of a special quarantine regime in the Republic of Azerbaijan and thanks to the responsible conduct of the country’s population, the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection has been limited and a reduction has been achieved in the number of infections.

    Starting from 5 August, some of the restrictions were lifted and mitigation measures implemented in the in cities and regions with a strict quarantine regime and across the country.

    In accordance with the sanitary-epidemiological situation the decision has been made to implement additional mitigation measures in the following areas from 00:00 on 8 September 2020:

    - Subject to compliance with relevant quarantine rules and in accordance with Resolution No. 237 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On regulation of some issues related to customer service in public catering establishments during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic” dated 6 July 2020, on-site customer service at public catering facilities is allowed until 00:00;

    - Restrictions on travel to and from Baku, Sumgayit cities and Absheron district are being lifted (except for intercity and inter-district passenger transportation).

    Based on the current sanitary-epidemiological situation and in order to prevent new cases of the virus, the Task Force once again calls on everyone to comply with the requirements of the quarantine regime and follow medical and preventive rules.



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