Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers | 12 September 2020 - 16:18   
    Metro operations are given the authorization

    On September 12, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan has signed the decision 336 on quarantine regime rules applied in the country.
    According to that decision, starting from 06:00 on 14 September 2020:
    - Passenger transportations services are set to resume in the Baku Metro;
    - Until September 30, the Metro will put on pause its passenger transportation activities on Saturdays and Sundays as it goes with other public transport types;
    - Public services facilities are authorized to run its operations in beaches.
    Until September 30, limitations applied in following cases in the territories with special quarantine regime are given below:
    - Entry-exit by ground and air transport into the national territory except cargo transportation;
    - Passenger transportation operations using ground and air transport to the cities and districts of the country;
    - Reception of citizens in groups or individually by other public agencies (institutions) except ASAN Service and DOST Centers;
    - Organizing and holding of religious ritual services, including funeral gatherings in funeral halls, tents and other indoor areas except burial ceremonies;
    - Holding of all mass events, including cultural and sport events (except holding outdoor sport events without the participation of public);
    - Extending services to organize events, including organizing ceremonies such as birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties and alike in the client’s house or other place;
    - Assembling of persons in groups of over 10 persons in public places, including streets, boulevards, squares and other areas (except the cases of assembly of close relatives meaning father-mother, grandfather-grandmother, children and sisters-brothers);
    - Activities run by places of leisure and entertainment, including children’s entertainment places (including the territories of boulevards and squares);
    - Activities of other cultural facilities, including movie theaters, theaters and sport halls, except museums and exhibition halls;
    - Operations run by children’s and other entertainment centers, movie theaters and public services spaces inside malls;
    - Use of hookah equipment in public services spaces;
    - Visits of persons to see their sick relatives held under treatment in medical facilities;
    - Sport, health rehabilitation services (except medical services in this area);
    - Massage and bath services.
    In addition, following limitations are applied in tough special quarantine regime in the cities of Baku and Sumgayit and in the territory of Absheron peninsula:
    - Malls shall keep their activities shut down except its food and drug stores;
    - Suspension of customer services from 00:00 to 09:00 in public services spaces, including restaurants, cafes, tea houses and other similar facilities while the use of hookah equipment and gathering of more than 6 persons behind each table are prohibited;
    - Provision of teaching and tutor services with participation of more than 10 persons;
    - Activities related to pools, water attractions and sport games in the territory of beaches;
    - Passenger transportation services and circulation of public transport means and the Baku Metro will be suspended from 00:00 of 19 September 2020 until 06:00 of 21 September 2020, from 00:00 of 26 September 2020 until 06:00 of 28 September 2020.
    All works, services and activities in other areas are authorized except the limitations stated in the present decision.



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