Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers | 16 October 2020 - 10:20   
    Information from the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers

    A drastic rise of COVID-19 virus infection cases around the world, including Azerbaijan and the latest days’ statistical data, in particular, have made it necessary to make some changes to the special quarantine regime rules.

    Due to the repeal of limitations imposed on entrepreneurial activities, persons employed in work places and service areas that have the permit to operate, are engaged in working activities in full volumes. In its turn, it results by overloading of public transport, creates problems in observing quarantine rules in working places and causes the density inside trade and service facilities.

    With a view to the current situation, the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers recommends following to the enterprises operating in private sector:

    - To employ necessary staff members in limited numbers and ensure to the maximum the distant work of other staff members;

    - Except very necessary cases, employees aged over 65 should not be employed temporarily while retaining their salaries.



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